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Forget about spending hours searching online for childrens clothes. You have arrived at Australia’s Premier Online Children’s Clothing Store where you can buy unique garments for your kids. We scoured the world for the trendiest products and put them in one place just for you! At, you will find everything you need to create unique stylish looks for your little princess or little gentleman.
We have cute rompers, witty t-shirts, gentleman button up shirts, chino shorts, monster pants, beautiful skirts & dresses, blouses and sweaters, thick warm outerwear, swimwear, accessories, footwear (gasp for breath) & more. Mix and match different items and clothing sets to create your vibrant trendy wardrobe for your youngsters. Babies and toddlers deserve to look trendy as well as being comfortable, warm and protected.

Trendy Childrens Clothes: Check out Our Amazing Collections

Who can say no to children’s clothing that resemble yours. Childrens fashion is just as exciting, wait…. No more exciting than adult clothing. Little everything. Miniature tops, bottoms, jackets, & shoes. It is an obsession.
Then there is the various colours and styles. From bright and light pink to white, black, khaki and everything in between, you can find colourful infant clothes that you must have. Outfits for every outing and occasion, with Polka dot, floral, dinosaur, flamingos, whales, unicorn, retro, floral, denim, tie-dye, knitted, hearts, plaid, crochet trims, lace (gasp for another breath) & dozens more styles for My new Trendy wardrobe.

The Range of Sizes You Can Choose From

Starting from 3M (0-3 Months) our baby 0-2 Years boys and girls clothing, footwear & accessories come in a full range of sizes: 3M (0-3 Months); 6M (3-6 Months); 9M (6-9 Months); 12M (9-12 Months); 18M (12-18 Months); and 24M (24 Months).
Browse our 0-2 Years toddlers boys and girls apparel, shoes & head wear range of sizes: 3T (2-3 Years); 4T (3-4 Years); and 5T (4-5 Years). Our five plus (5+ Years) range includes tween sizes: 6T, 7T, 8T, 9T, 10T.

A How to – choosing the right fit outfit for your children

Tips to follow when choosing stylish infant clothes from our online store.
  • Height is a main indicator when choosing the correct size for your infant.
  • Check the measurements of a piece of currently owned clothing and compare measurements such as sleeve length, shoulder breadth, etc. Measurements can be compared with My Trendy Youngsters Size Chart.
  • Products made of natural materials such as cotton, linen, or silk are preferred for indoors, and quality synthetic material exceed all expectations for the outdoors due to being highly durable and waterproof.
  • Some things shrink after washing. Remember that when buying clothes. Sometimes it makes sense to buy a thing 1-2 sizes larger.

Why Buying latest Clothes From My Trendy Youngsters

If you are a parent-to-be or already raising an infant, we know how valuable your time is. That is why we have decided to create an intuitive shopping experience for our customers. If you are in search of trendy baby clothes and apparel, you are in the right place to shop for your newborn. Check out the benefits we are provide our customers and start adding baby girl or boy outfits to your cart.
My Trendy Youngsters store is one of Australia’s best providers of qualitative, comfortable, and cute baby & toddler clothing. We offer products made only of high-quality materials that are completely safe and comfortable for your child. Uncomfortable clothes will definitely cause discomfort. Tight ones will squeeze and restrain movements, rough seams will rub the tender skin. This is not only able to spoil the mood of even the most patient baby but is also harmful. That is why parents spend so much time and effort choosing the best wardrobe options for their youngsters. Luckily, there is the My Trendy Youngsters store that covers all the clothing needs offering the most comfortable, safe, and cutest clothes.
Searching for the latest trends for your little beauty? Looking to purchase toddlers summer clothing made from natural fabrics? We offer all the stuff you need here. The cutest toddler girl rompers, T-shirts and swimsuits - find all these here. Pick the needed category to speed up your search. Choose little king clothing that will match any personality.

What Are the Advantages We Offer?

Forget about spending hours searching for stylish clothing. All you seek is collected for you here. Pick the category and proceed to the search. The website is intuitive and easy to use, anyone can browse our large variety of products.
As for the choice of children's clothing, here is everything that a little fashionista may need: bodysuits, overalls, button shirts, tank and T-shirts, pants, joggers, shorts, pyjamas, jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses footwear, accessories, (gasp for breath… maybe this dad joke is getting old) and everything in every colour and style. You can choose something among cute newborn outfits now and in no time you’ll be choosing new fashionable items for when your little ankle biters reach toddler.
All types of clothing here at My Trendy Youngsters combine comfort, practicality, and style. Parents task of changing children's clothes will be a dream, happy babies, smiling and willing to participate in changing time, ie your child may not turn into a resistor (I couldn’t resist… two daddy jokes in row, electronic POW!… lol three and counting).
In addition to the comfort of each individual product, the brand's specialists highly regarded appearance ensuring your youngsters clothes look cute, attractive, fashionable, and very modern. Find outfits & sets that will perfectly match your children's style, emphasising their youth, optimism, raw emotion, intuition and unparalleled world view.

Best range of Trendy Cute Girls Clothes

Girls develop a love for fashion from an early age, fashionistas of tomorrow, today! My Trendy Youngsters online store offers girls clothing products that are not only practical but are stylish hooray! Whatever your daughter’s preference, we have unique skirts, dresses and outfits to suit your princess, and shorts and pants options for your park explorer with mess.
We have birthday outfits, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, made from the most comfortable and soft fabrics, haven't you heard. Urban girl clothes, minimalist and comfortable. Excellent choice for long everyday walks where everything is portable. Boho girls clothes for baby and toddler, tween and everything inbetween. Your little angel dressed in bohemian style will look chic and trendy. Your girls will be asking for more than just candy.

Large Range of Trendy Outfits for Boys

How do the needs of boys differ from the needs of girls? At first, most of the wardrobe is universal for both sexes and differs mainly only in colour and style (we are talking about bodysuits, rompers, overalls, etc.), providing children with the opportunity to lie comfortably on their stomachs, crawl, and sleep). Then, a little later, the range is more different. whereas girls prefer all kinds of fashionable dresses and skirts, boys prefer joggers, jeans, shirts, and suits, in which they can not deny themselves the pleasure of running and jumping all day. This applies to both casual and festive clothing because boys don’t seem to notice the difference.
Boys do not sit still, they run, jump, and get dirty. The main purchase criteria of boys apparel are: convenience; safety; easy care; and made out of durable materials. My Trendy Youngsters online store has a huge selection of cute baby boy outfits (0-2 years), toddler boy outfits (2-5 years), and tween outfits (5+ years) to suit the needs of your little man.

Benefits for purchase of girls and boys apparel with us

Don’t take our slightly biased word for it (My Trendy Youngsters children’s clothing, footwear and accessories store is the best in Australia!). Try us out. Let us be your one stop online shop for your baby toddler and tween, here are the main benefits and why previous customers chose us:
Prices: We regularly revise our prices on outfits for your babies toddlers and tweens. We strive to ensure that toddler fashion is always affordable.
Sales and Discounts: Aside from ensuring the most budget-friendly prices, My Trendy Youngsters regularly arrange promotions and sales. Christmas, St. Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Black Friday and many more holidays and occasions. Stay updated with the latest news from us, and you will be among the first lucky customers to grab the best outfits at discounted prices. For this, locate our newsletter and just type your email address and click on Subscribe at the bottom of the page.
Shipping Policy: My Trendy Youngsters are proud ship orders in Australian & New Zealand free of charge. Due to free Australian & New Zealand delivery, you save a significant amount of money while shopping online on our site. Our Courier is 100% carbon neutral.
Exchange & Return: For us, if our customer is not happy, we are not happy. We offer exchanges and returns for an order if anything does not match your expectations.
Remember your satisfaction is our number one!

Winter and Summer Stock

On our site, we regularly curating our collections, ensuring we have a large range of seasonal products that your youngster will need. We stock all seasons from winter and fall to spring and summer. Explore our range of coats, jumpers, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and more for the cooler months and skirts, dresses tank tees, shorts, swimwear and sandals for the hotter months. Shop for anything you need — from onesies and bodysuits to swimwear and accessories.

Best Customer Service

Our Support team can be contacted 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. We are always happy to help our customers with enquiries about products, orders and general questions. You can contact us online and via email. Fast speedy response.

Payment Terms for Toddler Outfit Sets

There is no need to overpay due to a commission. You do not have to wait for the transaction processing. Everything is handled immediately through our system. Make a payment with the most suited option for you. We accept credit card and Paypal payments. We also have Buy Now Pay Later options such as Afterpay, Zippay, Latitude Pay, Laybuy, and Humm.